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Make healthy choices 80% of the time

One of the main reasons that weight loss plans fail is because people push themselves too hard.Many become so desperate to quickly lose weight that they pledge to exercise almost every day and completely banish treats like cakes, biscuits, chips or pizza from their life.

Technically, this is a great way to lose weight. However, very few people have the mental strength to maintain such a dramatic change to their lifestyle.

The majority of those individuals adopting these treat-free diets end up becoming tired, depressed and unmotivated. Their diet consumes their whole life and many people spend huge parts of their day fighting the urge to break free. Within a few weeks, most will cave in and undo their hard work by binging on all the food they have been craving.

To be honest, who can blame those giving up on these ‘all or nothing’ diets? Life is no fun if you can’t enjoy your favourite foods once in a while.

A much more successful method of losing weight is to plan a diet which gives you some leeway to treat yourself.

The 80% Diet

Aiming to make healthy choices 80% of the time is a much more achievable and sustainable goal. This gives you a whole day off from your healthy eating plan plus one treat meal to help you successfully make it to that day without any slip-ups.

This sort of diet will still produce significant results, as your treats are still far outweighed by your healthy choices and it will be far less of a strain on your everyday life.


A lot of people don’t realize that willpower requires stamina and has limits just like physical energy. Those who spend every day exercising their willpower will eventually break-down just like those who push themselves too hard in the gym.

However, by setting an achievable time limit until you can treat yourself, you can find it less of a strain to resist bad choices.

Those on the 80 per cent diet can use their ‘treat time’ to recharge their batteries ready for another six days of dieting when they wake up.


The key to maintaining a healthy diet is to continue enjoying life whilst you do it. There will always be times when you don’t want to eat healthily, such as team lunches, birthdays or special events. Don’t let yourself feel like you can’t enjoy a special occasion because you’re trying to lose weight. It is much better to simply to mark these occasions as your ‘treat day’ and let yourself have a good time.


As long as they are enjoyed in moderation, one or two treats are unlikely to have a huge effect on your weight loss plans.

It’s important to remember that healthy eating should be a lifestyle choice rather than a short-term decision. By allowing the occasional treat, you will find it much easier to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body.

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