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Don't hit the wall, smash it!

We’ve all been there. Your legs suddenly feel so heavy it’s as if someone’s replaced your bones with dumbbells and that final rep suddenly seems harder than a Countdown conundrum. Yes, dear reader, that’s what hitting the wall feels like.

But the good news is you’re not alone, pretty much everyone who works out experiences the dreaded wall at some point. And the even better news is there’s something you can do about it. Yes, with our help the next time you hit the wall you’ll be able to smash right through it and carry on.

Why do you hit the wall?

As they say in the business, here comes the science bit. According to, new research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that strenuous exercise sparks activity in the posterior insula part of your brain, which, in case you don’t know, is the bit that feels pain.

Basically, the study discovered that the harder you work out, the more intense the signal in your brain. In other words, more pain. What a pain. When the signal reaches a peak, your body screams at you to stop, indicating you’ve hit the wall.

These results highlight that the dreaded wall isn’t a physical barrier, it’s literally all in your mind. The only thing stopping you from carrying on is a chemical in your brain and because it’s your brain you can control it.

So, how can you smash the wall?

Well, the researchers discovered that when you visualise a potential reward, such as reaching your fitness goal, the pain signal lessens. In other words, you feel less pain. And the bigger the reward, the more likely you are to keep going. This means that the limits to which you can push your body aren’t pre-set, and the wall isn’t a dead end. When you’re motivated you can push back your limits and work harder for longer.

So whenever you workout, promise yourself a reward or keep in mind whatever it is that motivated you to take that first step – your favourite playlist, setting a personal best, even making your ex jealous - and you won’t hit the wall, you’ll smash it.

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