Sole distributor for BH Fitness commercial equipment in Ghana.
We have several membership types and packages for everyone. Branch has basically two main membership packages which is peak and off peak membership. Peak membership entails using the gym at unlimited times during the health centre opening times. Off Peak membership is using the health centre at limited times from 11am-5pm and weekends only. Check our price list for details.

• Corporate membership
Branch has corporate packages for groups or companies. Employers benefit from a healthy and fit work force. Although employees may be individually motivated to lose weight and maintain physical fitness on their own, employers can offer incentives to encourage their workers to do so.
Investing in employee fitness is more than a good public relations move or morale builder for businesses. Depending on how far you expand your definition of fitness, corporate wellness program spending can produce a healthy return on investment. Here are benefits from having corporate membership.

• Lower Premiums
When employees exercise regularly, it improves their overall health. Regular exercise can reduce weight, lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms of chronic illness. This can result in lower health care costs, which lowers the total cost of your company's health insurance premiums and fewer Absentee Days.
Employees who work out on a regular basis have better overall health, including greater resistance to illness. This may reduce the total number of employee sick days. Fit employees miss fewer workdays and miss fewer hours during the workday dealing with aches, pains, trips to fill prescriptions, doctor visits and phone calls. Pre- and postnatal fitness leading to better child health reduces the amount of time a new mother spends dealing with sitters, nannies, doctors and spouses when new-borns are ill. Workers miss more than 100 million workdays each year because of lower back pain. A decrease in weight and stronger core muscles reduce instances of lower back pain
• Cheaper Than Individual Gym Memberships
Some companies offer an employee benefit that pays for an annual membership at a public gym or health club. People who pay for annual gym memberships individually are significantly less likely to maintain a long-term exercise habit. Paying for employee gym memberships may not be cost-effective this way but having it as corporate has many benefits.
• Membership Types
Branch Health and Fitness centre offers various membership types.
We have Peak and off peak membership, corporate membership, student’s membership, seniors above 60 years membership, family/couple membership, Pay as you go and Walk-in membership.
Peak and off peak membership types has various types of packages under them. You can choose from:
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
Visit the Price list column for more clarifications and benefits on any membership type or rates.

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