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Set simple goals

Something that deters people from beginning a fitness plan, or continuing it for more than a few weeks, is the size of the task they set themselves.

A lot of new gym members will set off on their first treadmill run with their mind set on hitting the gym four times a week and losing a couple of stone by the summer.

Whilst setting such a huge long-term goal is admirable, it can often be difficult to stay focused for more than a few weeks.

Those who set simple short-term goals as well as an ultimate objective are far more likely to stay motivated throughout their workout plan and eventually fulfil their long-term aims.

Why Set Simple Goals?

Getting fit is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one and by setting lots of small goals you can make huge tasks appear a lot less intimidating. If someone who is two stone overweight was set the challenge of running next year’s London Marathon, how would they feel when struggling to run a couple of miles? The chances of staying motivated enough to run the marathon would be slim.

But what if they were instead asked just to run round the block? Then after a week, upping this to twice round, then three times round and so on and so forth. The chances are that this technique would build strength slowly and sustainably.

Let Success Drive You Forward

Hitting any small targets that you create for yourself can help create a sense of accomplishment that drives you to carry on and achieve more.

The more you get this feeling of success, the easier it can become to push yourself further.
Sports players may notice they feel less tired towards the end of matches when their goal is so near and this is often the same with personal targets.
Setting small achievable goals will allow you to feel good more often - boosting your motivation and chances of long-term success.

How to Set Simple Goals

It’s definitely crucial to have an end goal in mind when setting up a fitness regime, but it’s arguably as important to have a small milestone to aim towards at least every couple of weeks. The best short-term goals are those which are achievable but will take a fair amount of commitment to accomplish.

If it’s possible, try and set your objectives around habits rather than results. Aiming to go the gym three times a week and eat healthily is a more productive goal than aiming to lose three pounds, for example. Setting goals like these can stop you from getting frustrated and giving up if good results don’t come straight away.

It can be a useful motivation tool to keep track of your goals and tick them off as you go. This can help you remember how far you’ve come and build excitement as you see the end goal drawing ever closer.

Why not set your first target today and get yourself on the path to winning more often.

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